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Keep Growing, But Can You Slow Down a Little?

Dear Elsie,

This weekend was your first birthday weekend. We love celebrating for more than just a day so that it lasts longer.

I already am feeling the emotions of a mother whose baby is growing up. That’s sounds melodramatic and all the moms out there with kids going off to college can laugh at me. But they’ve been here before. 

I look at you sitting on your dad’s lap not blowing out your candle because you don’t  know you’re  supposed to, and I see your little face changing from baby to toddler, the goofy stage; with two teeth showing in a picture; hair that’s starting to come in but not fully there yet; and the most beautiful sounds in place of words. That’s our one year old.

“Ba” for ball.

“Boo-a” for book.

“Da Da” It’s obvious.


“NaNaMaMa” It’s almost obvious.

My newborn is gone and you, this baby-toddler, are bee-lining for stairs and pots and pans and dog food and toilet paper and drawers to empty and everything you’re not supposed to. You’re  also the sweetest thing to enter our lives.

We love you, our Elsie Karen.

“Keep growing, but can you slow down a little?”


Mom and Dad