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Newborn Photo Session!

These are long overdue! Elsie was under two months old when my friend at Tara Rhodes Photography took her newborn pictures the weekend of her baby blessing. Since I went back to work the following day, it’s been one learning curve of balancing work, home, and mom. I haven’t found time to post these here, but since school is out in a week, I was able to carve a little time tonight.

We love these pictures and are excited to share them finally! Thank you Tara for your beautiful work!

Elsie's Newborn Photos-10Elsie's Newborn Photos-24Elsie's Newborn Photos-27Elsie's Newborn Photos-37Elsie's Newborn Photos-39Elsie's Newborn Photos-38Elsie's Newborn Photos-36Elsie's Newborn Photos-34Elsie's Newborn Photos-31Elsie's Newborn Photos-28Elsie's Newborn Photos-20Elsie's Newborn Photos-19Elsie's Newborn Photos-14

We love our little girl! She’s growing like crazy! Just wait until our next post. Tomorrow she will be 4 months old. Thanks again Tara!




He Is Looking Out For Us

God is looking out for us.

On my way home from work on Friday, someone rear-ended me at a red light. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but I still had that immediate feeling of “man! We really don’t need this right now.”  I made the comment to Parker that we had really bad luck with cars that day, but then I realized I was wrong: we had really good luck.

I wasn’t injured–and I really could have been.  The car that hit me lost its front bumper and both airbags in his vehicle deployed.  It had to have been a fairly hard hit to cause that, yet I came out uninjured. Though the phone calls can be tiresome and working with two insurance companies isn’t the best, I am grateful that God was watching out for me and that He protected me. I’m also grateful, that the car had minor damages so that I can get to work tomorrow.

While I was waiting for the policeman to show up, I didn’t want to waste time so I started grading vocabulary quizzes.  When the policeman showed up, he said, “I hated English.” I thought, “I bet you did.” While that sounds rude, it isn’t meant to.  It’s just that most students I’ve taught who want to be policeman didn’t particularly love writing or Englishy things.

Excuse the mess. If you look hard, you can see Wilson!
Excuse the mess. If you look hard, you can see Wilson!

photo 2

As a followup, my first block class finally won the vocab trophy! Yes, they had lost three weeks in a row, and yes, there’s a VOCAB trophy! (with an irrelevant cross-country figure on the top; thank you Goodwill for having a trophy at all; I’m not picky.) Though no one will care about this, I interrupted the Utah vs. Michigan football game to announce this triumph. Both Parker and the people we were watching it with just looked at me and nodded as if saying, “that’s great…”  It’s the little things.

Lastly, I failed to get a picture of the good ole boys’ hangout in front of BILO.  Thanks to another fender bender, the boys were all out in the middle of the street helping with the accident.  I was afraid that if I took a picture of the camo truck with the Confederate flag hanging out of the truck bed, they would see me as they pulled up (more were pulling in when I drove by).  I also decided that I didn’t want to be a stalker.