UntitledWife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Teacher. Writer. Reader.  Blogger. Facebook Junkie. Cook. Jogger. Talker.  Hiker. Snowboarder. Yoga Novice. Film Critic. Grammar Nerd.  Traveler. Missionary.

Like most women and people that I know, I’m a juggler, a juggler of time and demands.  I’ve got my balls and they’re flying through the air, while I’m trying to balance everything else without letting a ball drop.  I used to think that when I grew up I would have life figured out because I’d have more practice (wink wink for those of you who already know better than I did and do).  What I wasn’t prepared for was that with each stage of life, it seems more balls keep being thrown into the mix!

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  • Marriage
  • Family
  • School
  • Work
  • Church
  • Community
  • Service
  • ETC!

Those balls keep coming and sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to manage my time and live a full life.  I know that simplifying is important and I seek that; it’s the prioritizing that can be tricky.  That’s what this blog is about: learning to prioritize and balance the craziness while still enjoying the journey.  I want a life full of faith, love, hope, and family.  I want to be healthy enough to live my life in an active way.  I want to have peace of mind through times of stress.  And I want to experience new things and savor the small moments.  I want to take vacations and spend time with the people I love most.  I want to read and learn and grow.  Somehow, along the way, I want to help other people in the process; that’s part of why I became a teacher: I wanted to be able to pay the bills but also have a job where I was serving other people and in the cheesiest yet truest of ways, making a difference in the world.

At this stage of my life, I am a 28 year old high school English teacher and writer, and I love God, my husband, my family, and everything else that I listed as priorities above.  If I have free time, I am reading, exercising, writing, cooking, and spending time with the people I care about.  Though I tend to get really busy in trying to fit everything in, I’m one of those people who needs down time.  That might sound selfish, but my brain needs time to decompress.  Many my hobbies allow me that.  A few introductions below give you an idea of my simple, but beautiful life and much of what you’d see on our family blog as we seek faith, family, balance and fun.

My husband and I were married in June of 2013. This is one of our engagement pictures.
photo 2
We love exercising! It’s one of the things we do together.
We attended rival universities.
We attended rival universities.
And are University of Tennessee fans!
But are University of Tennessee fans! I was raised wearing orange.
Husky Puppy
This is our future dog named Echo.
Orange Cat
And our future cat Ronald, who must grow up to be fat.
photo (2)
These were our kids until this happened…See next picture!
We have the world’s cutest little girl!

I know that life is going to throw us bumps in the road, as it has and always does, but I look forward to the adventures and daily life too.  It sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth.

The posts on this blog are varied and will continue to vary.  From family trips to open letters to favorite recipes, this our life.  I guess it’s a family-lifestyle blog of sorts.

The truth is just that I love writing and this is my little spot in the world to do that.

If you love family, fitness, faith, and/or fun, please subscribe to receive updates and surprises for this journey we call life.

You can expect to see family trips, weekend fun, food successes and failures, open letters about community concerns, great finds such as health tips and so on.  These are the things that work for my family and me.  I share them in case they may be of use to you.  We hope to see you back and hear from you!

Until next time!img_2886

Sarah (& Parker)


4 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. I’m recruiting writers for several blogs in the outdoor industry and, while I don’t know your experience in outdoor activities, you have the writing side nailed down. Shoot me an email if you’re interested. Articles pay on publication.

  2. Hi there,
    I read about your pop up problems while showing YouTube clips. I teach elementary school so I’m extremely sensitive to those. I came across http://safeshare.tv. It filters everything out for you! Hope that helps.

    Loved your article on 50 Shades of Crap.

  3. Hi Sarah, you sound like a very busy person. I too believe the importance of “me” time- everyone needs it or else people will just go crazy. Keep living your life to the max! Subscribing for sure 🙂

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