Newborn Photo Session!

These are long overdue! Elsie was under two months old when my friend at Tara Rhodes Photography took her newborn pictures the weekend of her baby blessing. Since I went back to work the following day, it’s been one learning curve of balancing work, home, and mom. I haven’t found time to post these here, but since school is out in a week, I was able to carve a little time tonight.

We love these pictures and are excited to share them finally! Thank you Tara for your beautiful work!

Elsie's Newborn Photos-10Elsie's Newborn Photos-24Elsie's Newborn Photos-27Elsie's Newborn Photos-37Elsie's Newborn Photos-39Elsie's Newborn Photos-38Elsie's Newborn Photos-36Elsie's Newborn Photos-34Elsie's Newborn Photos-31Elsie's Newborn Photos-28Elsie's Newborn Photos-20Elsie's Newborn Photos-19Elsie's Newborn Photos-14

We love our little girl! She’s growing like crazy! Just wait until our next post. Tomorrow she will be 4 months old. Thanks again Tara!




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