Introducing: Elsie Karen Plant

In full disclosure, I should tell you that the point of this blog post is to have a picture overload of Elsie Karen Plant, who graced the world on January 20, 2016.  Now in generations gone by, you were lucky to have a few baby photos.  Take Elsie’s grandpa for example.  I only know of a handful of pictures from his childhood.  That’s not because his mother didn’t love him, but because the accessibility of constant pictures wasn’t quite there.  Some could even argue that my generation (I’m 29) had less pictures, though I’m not a good example to support this since my mom has tons of pictures of my siblings and I. BUT! Back to the point.  Our daughter is a week old today, and we have so many pictures of her.  I should probably count them to prove my point and maybe I should have saved the deleted ones (which are few), but alas, why spend my time doing that when I can just show you!

Ready for the grand debut? Great! So is she!

Meet Elsie, born at 12:02 on January 20, 2016.

12:02 pm… 1/20/2016… 8 LBS 12 Ounces… 21 1/2 Inches Long


Elsie was really comfortable in the womb, considering she came a week late and had to be pushed out with the help of medicine to induce me.  Parker and I went to the hospital on Tuesday night, expecting a long delivery process since we had heard that many women who are induced take a long time to actually progress through labor.


However, once the medicine took, Elsie must have decided to come quickly, though she protested throughout the contractions by still kicking my right ribs.

Even though this is a potentially awkward photo, look how excited Parker is!

Elsie stole our hearts from the beginning.  She met Mom and Dad, who both thought, “who does she look like??” Everyone who meets her says she looks like Dad.  I kept thinking and still am thinking, “how did something her size come out of me?” The miracle of life is an enigma to me.  How can something so “large” grow for nine months inside of me? And how did they get her precious and long body out of me? Everyone who has asked me how she is has received the same answer: “she is a perfect angel.”  IMG_2018

Now that she’s been here for a week, she is a perfect angel who cries sometimes.

She met many family members and some friends including Grammy Patty, Pop Pop Johnson, Uncle Joe, Aunt Harvey and Uncle Charles, and Grandma Harwood!

We stayed with Elsie in the hospital for two days and loved getting to know her.  She seemed like such a good baby! She learned slowly how to nurse, she slept well, she enjoyed skin to skin time.  It was a little haven I won’t forget, much like the day Parker and I got married.  In the moment it was a blur, but in retrospect, I see how many special memories and moments began right there.

Take a peek into some of those memories.



Her first outfit, which she successfully peed through in her first night of life. 🙂


We’re in love with her faces!
This newborn-sized outfit will fit her for about another minute. Now that she’s almost up to birth weight a week later, her smallest outfits won’t fit her for long.  Good thing we didn’t buy much in the newborn size.  Something told us she wouldn’t be small for long. 🙂

Eventually, it was time to brave the snow storm and take our snow baby home.  The doctors and nurses were trying to get us to check out the day before so that we could get home.  I looked at Parker though, who is from the snowy land of Utah, and asked, “you can get us home right?” He of course said yes.  (Note: I’m not trying to minimize the risks of driving in inclement weather; we don’t live far from the hospital.) As new parents, we wanted to have as much time with the professional advice for the practical things that come up with caring for a newborn; it was nice to have nurses around to answer my endless questions.

I didn’t want to leave however until we had our first family picture taken.  It took a few tries.  The ones with her in the purple outfit crack me up.  Just chillin’.


We did make it home safely, thankfully.  She made the trek from car seat to crib.  You can’t get cuter than this!


When you can’t find a baby sign to put on the door, find a birthday sign and cut off “day.” Way to be flexible Grammy!

During week one at home, my camera kept going!

She had her first sponge baths.  Grandma Karen is a baby bath whisperer; I am so glad she showed me her bath tricks because they work wonders at keeping Elsie calm during what could be a squalling session, as it is with the evil diaper and clothes changes.
Don’t you just want to kiss that little face?

She looks like an angel when she sleeps.

When she is awake, we’re trying to figure out what she likes; it’s not for long, but sometimes she’s hard to settle.  Something about not being able to talk makes communication trickier (and remember that my experience is with teenagers, not infants). But, we’re learning her cues. Hopefully. 🙂


We love to snuggle her; this is usually her favorite spot.

Elsie had her one week appointment at the doctors on 1/27/16.  And no, though she doesn’t have clothes on in the car seat picture, she did have clothes on in route.  We just had to change her diaper and get her ready to be weighed and measured. Of course five minutes after being changed and one minute after being weighed, she wet her diaper again.  Go Elsie!

I was trying to get some of these faces while we were waiting.  She had some funny ones!

Overall, even in just a little over a week, our lives have taken a turn.  Adjustments are being made and this little girl is the center of the universe, obviously because she is our first child and we are brand new at figuring this out.  In Babywise, my baby Bible -just kidding about the bible part- the authors say something like you know your life has changed when you spend a lot of time talking about “what’s going in” and “what’s going out.” How true that is.  Also, I know my life has changed since I can’t stop taking pictures and am fighting the urge to over-post them.


One of my favorite things from our week with Elsie is the further testament of God’s existence and love for His children.  When I look at her and hold her, she is proof of His creative powers.  There is no way that it could be some grand co-incidence in how her life came to be.  Her little spirit entered a body that didn’t not happen by chance.  I know some may disagree with my beliefs, but when I hold her, I feel nearer to God and feel His blessings and presence in my life, in my family, and in our little girl’s countenance.


In a children’s church hymn “My Heavenly Father Loves Me,” it says “He gave me my eyes that I might see the color of butterfly wings/ He gave me my ears that I might hear the magical sounds of things/ He gave me my mind, my life, my heart/ I thank Him reverently/ Of all His creations of which I’m apart/ Yes, I know Heavenly Father loves me.” How true those words are and how much they mean when we look at Elsie.


He gave her to us to nurture, guide, and protect, and we can only hope to live up to the task.

With excitement and nervousness,

Sarah and Parker 🙂


One thought on “Introducing: Elsie Karen Plant

  1. Oh Sarah! You’re a mom! How much our lives have changed since Salta. Your little one is a doll, and I’m sure you and Parker will be great parents. I for one love baby photos, so post away. 🙂

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