Expecting a Little One…After the New Year

In the words of my students:

Sarah and Parker Maternity_-9

“How you doin’ there prego?”

Sarah and Parker Maternity_-15

“So wait, is your baby kinda like a tapeworm?” (I had made the statement that the baby was hungry.)

Sarah and Parker Maternity_-5

“Gator Baby! I’m going to buy a Florida Gator outfit and your baby will have to wear it.” (I think not! I’d like to see Parker’s reaction to that though.)

Sarah and Parker Maternity_-7

“Man, you look like you’re about to pop!”

Sarah and Parker Maternity_-28

And Wa-la! The baby belly is still there in color!

Sarah and Parker Maternity_-10

Or in my words, “Come on; walk faster.  You’re letting a pregnant lady beat you” (in the hallways).

It is funny how in literally the last week, I have been getting looks of surprise and then hesitant questions of “when are you due again?”  It’s getting close and we are excited for our little gift who will definitely keep us up at night and who will probably be a chunker; she’s already measuring big apparently.

I post these pictures for the family and friends who live far away and hope you enjoy them!

Thank you to Tara Rhodes at Winding Rhodes Photography for taking them for us! We are excited to have captured the moment.


Sarah & Parker


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