Gospel or Bust: an Easter Invitation

300162_10100159693095729_1751293000_nWhen I was in high school, I distinctly remember making a decision about faith. And that decision was: GOSPEL or BUST.

I hope that doesn’t sound irreverent, but it’s truly how I felt. In the world, there are so many opinions out there about what makes people happy and what will help them have a happy life.  I think we all want to be happy.

I had been raised to believe in God and in His way of life.  I had been raised to believe that God’s commandments bring happiness, not restriction.

There comes a point in most people’s lives where they question what they have been taught.  For most of us, that happens during high school, when we come in contact with people from many walks of life and with all those different opinions that I mentioned.  That’s when the drug talks from D.A.R.E. programs get real, really fast.  That’s when all of a sudden, talks about remaining sexually pure before marriage get real too.

I remember specifically asking myself, “what if I’m wrong?” What if everything I believed turned out to be not that important in the long run.  There would be no way to know until I’d already lived long enough to see what type of fruition those ideas might bring or not bring, if I was wrong.


I took it on faith.  I made a conscious decision to gamble on it.  For me, I decided it was “GOSPEL or BUST.”  If I was wrong, it would still be a great life free of addictions and harsher young heartache.  So when people accuse me or other people of faith, specifically Mormons, of not asking questions, I really am frustrated by their assumptions.  I specifically asked questions and sought answers.  I still do that.  I made the decision, and I still own it and love it.


egg-100165_640I put all my eggs in this basket (not my Easter eggs), and the blessings have been great, which brings me to my invitation this Easter. Each April, there is a conference in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) that is broadcast to all the world. During this conference, there are messages given on all types of spiritual significance for our days, topics such as faith, family, the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the importance of Baptism, and so much more.  They are given by modern day prophets who are in tune with the world’s needs, our spiritual needs.  I love that this Easter Sunday, I will be listening to the teachings of Jesus Christ, from the scriptures and from His modern leaders, the apostles and prophets.

This Easter, I invite you to join us in watching a session of this conference by clicking the link below.  It will be live streaming through any internet connection in almost any language.


Watch it live HERE on Saturday (4/4) and Sunday (4/5) at 12:00 and 4:00 Eastern time.

To get a taste for the type of messages you might hear in conference, please see these Mormon Message videos.

Parker and I love learning, not just of medicine and history, but also of things for our spiritual souls.  I call it our spiritual medicine.  However you spend your Easter, I hope that you can feel close to the spiritual significance of the day, the day that we celebrate the Savior’s Resurrection, His victory over death.  It was a miraculous, monumental moment in the history of the world.  And because of it, we can hope for a life after death, together with our families.


Happy Easter!


Sarah and Parker


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