I Prayed for my Students

I call my 4th block, my little angels.  A friend might ask, “were your students loud today?” My reply:

“My little angels? Loud? Never.”

Let’s just say that my 4th block has about 22 students, a gloriously small number, but they sound like a crowd of 44.  So many of them are loud personalities.  When you combine that with the last class period of the day, you get a boisterous (one of their vocabulary words) environment, a garrulous (another word) group, and a recipe for a headache, for those of us with sensory overload.  Quick to share, quick to argue, quick to be normal teenagers during the last class of the day; and tomorrow is Friday, the last period of the last day of the week.  Want to come?

How about the Friday before Spring Break?

That’s in two weeks. Anyways! The point of this post is that last night I prayed for my students.

Though there’s separation of religion and state in my classroom, in my home, I can think and pray as I wish.

I prayed not only for the patience to teach them well because as Parker knows I sorely need it on some days, but also for the things they go through, which I know they need.  As I have written before, they are dealing with many things outside of my room: child abuse, parents’ divorce, relationships, loneliness, and etc. Parker is a student and I know he goes through a lot outside of his classes; he has a lot on his mind.

And you know what?

Today went pretty well.

I think I’ll double up on my prayers for tomorrow.  Friday afternoons deserve doubled efforts.


Mrs. Plant


5 thoughts on “I Prayed for my Students

  1. I have often thought that I don’t know how teachers do it day by day. On the one hand you get to develop the relationships with the kids and on the other, you have these relationships with the kids. My husband is also an English teacher, and I see all the work and caring he puts into it. I’m glad you found that prayer helps.

    1. I don’t know if that comment made sense like it did in my head. :/ I just meant that the relationships can help and challenge us at the same time.

      1. It made sense. I’m like a yo-yo when it comes to teaching. I love it on some days. It can be so fulfilling and frustrating at the same time. I can come home one day wanting to throw in the towel, but then be excited to go try something new a few days later. What grade level does your husband teach? Does he teach any electives?

  2. Great advice, Mrs. Plant. We teachers would do well to also hold each other up in prayer. It is more than a hard job; it is a weighty calling, one that even Scripture warns should not be accepted lightly. Keep fighting the good fight, and I remember you this Sunday.

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