Your Valentine Every Day

“I don’t think there should be just one day for Valentine’s Day.  If I really love you, I’m going to show you every day.” -Parker

I can hear some people now.  “Valentine’s Day is over. You’re a week behind.”  “Are you kidding? Single Awareness Day continued?” Well, let me just say that I intentionally waited until after Valentine’s Day to write this.  One because the message is meant to be acted on after Valentine’s Day, and two, Parker didn’t say it until this Valentine’s Day!

"I should show you I love you all year long.  Not just on Valentine's Day."

I understand what my husband meant, and in all reality, it’s a beautiful concept.  It’s also a concept that’s true of many holidays.  Take the following examples.

Mother’s Day shouldn’t be once a year.  Father’s Day shouldn’t be once a year.  Mothers and fathers are certainly not only parents on one day of the year.  As they will quickly tell you, they know that 365 days of the year, they are responsible for keeping little human beings alive and healthy every single one of those days.  So why would we only celebrate their service and love on singular days in that long year?  If I truly love my parent, wouldn’t I show them on those days as well?

What about Christmas? If I really want to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ, wouldn’t it be important to do that all year long? Not just on Christmas morning or Easter Sunday, but each day of the year.  That would truly be focusing on loving the Savior and honoring His life and gifts.

Now back to Valentine’s Day all year long.  I don’t think Parker meant that Valentine’s Day is evil; it’s obviously not wrong to celebrate love, whatever kind it is–romantic love, friendship, family, etc.  However, if we were to only show appreciation and love on that singular day, what kind of love is that really?  How deep is it? How meaningful is it?  We believe that if our love is real, then it’s an everyday process.  Every day is our moment for celebration. All year long is a combination of the Five Love Languages.

  • It’s words of affirmation: “you are so beautiful.”
  • It’s quality time: “let’s take a break and go on a date this Friday.”
  • It’s acts of service: “let me cook you dinner.”
  • It’s physical touch: “honey, I’m home for my hug and kiss” (It’s cheesy but it’s our running joke because of a series of talks, For All Eternity, we love by John L. Lund).
  • It’s receiving gifts: “I brought you home a surprise” (something simple like Reese’s).

Our Valentine’s Date was so exciting and it was a double whammy! Parker bought my mom and I tickets to see one of my favorite musicals, Wicked! They were part of our Christmas presents and were scheduled for Valentine’s Day Weekend. Touche Parker Plant.  Two birds one stone.  I’m all about that!


Didn’t he do so well with those five languages?

  • Giving and Receiving Gift-check
  • Quality Time-check
  • Words of Affirmation-check

I was one happy lady and so was my mom.  We decided that because of the ticket prices, we wouldn’t spend much on each other outside of that.  A $5.00 budget, which I know is a bit extreme, but hey! I gave him the gift of hope in the form of inspirational talks as he powers through this last block of medical school classes, leading into the first step of Boards; and I got my DOVE chocolate.

The point, my friends, going back to the beginning, is to show those we love that we love them every day, all year long. Every day in many ways.  That will ensure that not only are each other’s Valentines, but that we stay each other’s Valentines as well.

“I want to be his Valentine every day.”

IMG_5746 (2)



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