Pinterest Fails! #ShareYourStory

Dear Fellow Pinners, 

downloadThey were the best of ideas, they were the worst of ideas.  And yet I love Pinterest.  In trying to explain why I like Pinterest, I usually find myself explaining it’s like digital magazine clipping.  My students say that it’s the Tumblr for old women.  Their idea of “old” is interesting because I think it would be more accurate to say that we Pinterest lovers are more often young or mid-aged.  (Maybe I just like thinking of myself as young.)

I love Pinterest for many reasons; whether it’s cooking up a something new, finding new holiday decorating ideas, keeping an eye out for teaching ideas or church activities and handouts, usually Pinterest doesn’t disappoint me.


That being said.

I do think we’ve all had some Pinterest fails.

Have you seen those memes that say “what I thought I looked like/what I actually looked like” about exercising?  Well that’s I think what Pinterest often incurs in many of our attempts.  For example, this week!

What It Was Supposed to Look Like
What It Was Supposed to Look Like
What It Actually Looked Like

Before I tell you about the pasta, I will say that though my “professional” picture here doesn’t look as appetizing as the picture of what it was supposed to look like, I will say that it tasted great!  We loved it.  So this was a visual fail.

My personality as a cook and as a Pinterest chef is to take the idea of a recipe and see how it fits my cupboards!  One roommate once asked me for a recipe I used for a vegetarian dish I love using sauteed peppers, onions, tomatoes, spices, and white beans.  My reply was something like, “you just throw in whatever sounds good.” That’s my style of cooking!

  • Noodles-check
  • Cheese-check
  • Chicken-check
  • Sun-dried tomatoes-check
  • Parsley-check

(Actually, the sun-dried tomatoes are what started this venture to begin with because I was looking for a recipe to use them in.)  I had noodles on hand, though not penne, and I already had cooked up some stock chicken to have ready to use in weeknight recipes (I usually cook on Sunday night so that I have stuff prepped for quicker meals during the week when I’m coming home from work, needing to fit the gym in, among other things like church or tutoring in the evenings).  I also knew that I had Parsley already, though not fresh.

May I just say in response to this recipe…If you are using 5 oz. of sun-dried tomatoes, then how is your dish not red? Had you not added the full amount when you took the picture? It’s a lovely picture, no insult intended, I am just baffled about why mine turned out so red.  Maybe those expert chefs out there can give me a pointer when using sun-dried tomatoes (I learn from others better than just a written recipe). 🙂

The above made me laugh, but below made me want to cry, tears of embarrassment!

My Worst Pinterest Fail

Maple Bacon Pancake Cupcakes–who wouldn’t want a pancake flavored cupcake, frosted with maple bacon buttercream frosting? Well, from the kitchen of Sarah using the Pinteresting recipe I had seen, this proved to be a DISASTER! First, you must understand that I already was breaking a cardinal rule of baking: never bake something you haven’t successfully made and tried before when you will be serving them to other people (Sometimes my “winging it” gets me in trouble).

I had committed to providing cupcakes for a carnival’s concession stand, even though cupcakes are not my strong suit; I’m better with cookies. While I’m not the best baker, I didn’t want people to think I couldn’t bake simple cupcakes; I’d considered using a box mix, but that didn’t seem good enough.  If these cupcakes were going to sell, then they couldn’t be just your plain old vanilla cupcake with birthday cake frosting; they had to be special– next time, I’ll choose a simple chocolate. Chocolate never fails me.  That’s what took me to Pinterest, the land of new ideas, bigger and better, more creative than you’re actually capable of…desserts!  Well, if you’ll notice by the picture…


I can’t even show you a picture of the outcome because once I tasted this failure, I promptly threw them away so that I wouldn’t have to remember this occurred.  Without having tasted them (refer back to the cardinal taboo), I took them to the carnival, sat them on the table and then panicked, just then realizing that in my rush to get out the door, I hadn’t even tasted them.  I bought one and tasted it–YUCK! Blah. Bland.  Maple Bacon=a bad idea.  I ran to my friend who was running the stand and quickly explained the situation, embarrassed.  She graciously let me take the cupcakes and immediately dump them in a trash can out back, without saying a word.

My approach to life, to cooking, and to Pinterest is:

  • Is it simple?
  • Is it practical?
  • Will it help my life?
  • Can I adapt it?

It shouldn’t be a place where I compare myself to others or where I find more things to put on my to-do list.

Such as sowing plastic snack bags...really?
Such as sewing plastic snack bags…really?

I’ve often heard it said that your technology should be working for you, not the other way around.  It should be easing your load, not adding to it.

I love finding new recipes on Pinterest and on other websites, but sometimes yours might turn out a little different, and in my pasta case, that’s just fine (just don’t put an ugly picture online like I did).  It tasted good! And as my older sister would say, “you ‘git’ what you ‘git’ and you don’t complain.”  Other time though, it’s an epic baking failure that may hurt your pride. Just laugh it off!

My Diet Coke was perfect just like normal!
My Diet Coke was perfect just like normal!

What have been your best Pinterest fails? I’d love to hear about them! If you’re not shy, comment below! Or if you know how to cook with sun-dried tomatoes without them staining your pasta, let me know! 😉


A Fellow Pinner

P.S. My mom’s the world’s best baker! No pressure or anything.


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