50 Shades of Crap: a Feminist’s View

Dear Film Goers and Readers Everywhere,

February 13, 2015 will mark an important moment in American cinema, one which is a deplorable moment for our country and our world.  In 1939, Gone with the Wind used the first swear word in a film, when Rhett Butler stuck it to Scarlett O’Hara, saying a well-deserved though sad “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”  While some might say that opened a door to the onslaught of immorality in films, I maintain that there’s a difference between that one word and the 554 times The Wolf of Wall Street f-bombed the world.  But back to the point, there’s something that’s even worse happening on Valentine’s Day this year.

50 Shades of Crap
50 Shades of Crap

Opening in theaters that day is 50 Shades of Grey, an erotic, pornographic film that has a disturbing story line accompanied by overt sexual exploitation. And no.  It’s not okay.

What’s additionally frustrating is that the people who are speaking against this, which was mostly done back in July when the film’s trailer debuted, are often labeled as “Christian” women, as if somehow being Christian invalidates their opinions; heaven forbid.  I suppose only “Christian” women would be against such a book or movie; at least that’s what the label implies if not openly states. Well, as a feminist, Christian or not (which if you know me, you know which), I am wholeheartedly appalled that our country is diving to such frightening insensitivity.

Two years ago, I asked a 16 year old student to stop reading that particular book in my classroom because “erotica is not a school appropriate genre” (I wanted to say that it wasn’t life appropriate if you want a long-lasting fulfilled life, but decided that would be going too far; and I better watch out! I’m probably about to be accused of censorship!)

Fast-forward two years to yesterday, when two 17 year old female students asked me excitedly, “are you going to go see 50 Shades of Grey?!” I assume they were disappointed with my resounding “no.”  Well, today was the last straw, when my YouTube advertisements accosted me; I had had it.  Marketers are talented, don’t get me wrong.  When The Theory of Everything took over all my ads, I definitely wanted to see the film more than ever, but I am angry that for the next two weeks, whenever I access YouTube, which I use frequently for movie clips for my Film Studies class, I will have to sit through the mini-trailer of 50 Shades of Crap before I can access my teaching materials.  That world, is not my choice.

The book.
The book.

I expect better of our country and of our people here and throughout the world.  Since when is pornography not labeled correctly?  Since when is it considered merely a “drama” and “romance” IMDB.com?  Since when do we condone it publicly as well as privately?  Pornography has gone from strip clubs to Playboy Magazine to Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition to Cosmopolitan’s sex advice articles to trashy fiction novels to HBO specials to online access.  Where does it end? I guess it doesn’t anymore.

Women–though I realize not everyone is against pornography, I would hope that you aren’t pleased that your significant others are accessing it (if they are)?  And I hope you aren’t either, whether visually or in book form. I can’t think of an addiction that destroys self-esteem, confidence, meaningful sex, and all relationships more.  Not that I’m undermining other addictions or downplaying them, but for my personal understanding of marital happiness, centered on mutual respect, trust, and fidelity, pornography has no place.  And that is all 50 Shades of Crap is: sheer pornography exacerbated by sadism and dominance.  It makes me sick.

People have complained about the Twilight series praising a weak female in an abusive relationship.  Well let the sirens loose because apparently the pornographic version (50 Shades) is about to take in tons of money at the Box Office.  And at what cost? Human dignity?

We are worth more.
We are worth more.

Men are worth so much more.  Women, we are worth so much more.  Marriage is worth so much more.  We have a divine destiny and heritage, and yes, God wants us to be happy.  That’s not to say that we can’t enjoy intimate relationships in our marriage, but that these relationships should build us up and increase our self-concept of worth and happiness.  They should empower us not break us down.

We buy the products and that’s why they keep being offered and pushed farther.  We watch the Carls Junior commercials, we buy the magazines, we click the ads, and we pay for the movie tickets; that’s what fuels the blockbuster business.  They give us what we’ve shown we want to see.  From a business standpoint, that makes sense, but make no mistake: they are buying us, and we are paying them: willingly.

Condemn the football players.  Condemn fraternities parties gone wrong, but praise dominance and submission in films like this one.  That makes total sense. (I want to clarify that I in no means agree with rape or domestic violence in any way, just in case you didn’t catch the sarcasm).  Why would we claim sexual violence and dominance in a film as acceptable and desirable?  It’s not.

In case my frustrations weren’t convincing enough, here are some other voices to add to mine; I think they speak for themselves.

  • Internet Movie Database (IMDB): “Plot Keywords: bdsm, perversion, bondage, sex scene, sexual awakening”
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDB): “Parents Guide: Rated R for strong sexual content including dialogue, some unusual behavior and graphic nudity, and for language.”
  • Goodreads Book Review: ” Introducing an even more abusive and disturbing TWILIGHT! Now with whips and chains!”
  • Wikipedia: “It is notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism (BDSM).”
  • The Matt Walsh Blog: “If you are a feminist, I can’t possibly understand how a disturbing fantasy about a wealthy man physically dominating a woman could ever be considered acceptable in your circle.”

My only consolation is that some people have recognized this film for what it is: filth.  On Goodreads, a Facebook for booknerds, the top comments bash 50 Shades, and I love it.  My husband is disheartened and disgusted by the degradation of the nation as well.  And I am hoping that maybe just some men and women with self-respect and concern for where it would go from here, might think twice before investing in this sad Valentine’s Day event.  While we all are free to choose, I hope some people will choose to pull back their support and money from this film and others like it.  Until we stop paying for crap, it’s only going to get worse.

Sincerely, Sarah (& Parker)

P.S. Please comment and share if you agree with this sentiment.  Maybe a few of us can at least increase the resistance out there in the hopes that someone needs to hear it and that film companies can at least be called out on it.


574 thoughts on “50 Shades of Crap: a Feminist’s View

  1. What upsets me about movies like this, is that teens get in and see them, my kids have told me they pay for a movie I think they are going to see, then can walk over to another and watch it instead without being noticed. It’s so easy. We put our kids in sexual bondage by paying for tickets that allow more of these kinds of movies to be made. It is very sad. And as for sexual freedom, I feel the best freedom is to be able to keep it private, privacy makes it more special, mysterious and desirable. When we no longer have the freedom to our privacy, than we are in bondage, so we ought to make it count while we still have it.

  2. I wonder if all these people talking about how bad it is while admitting they know nothing about actually get how deeply ignorant that makes them? Probably, being just generally stupid, they don’t. How…pathetic.

  3. A few remarks if I may, First I have read all three books and intend to see the movie. That being said, Sarah, the blog’s feminist author seems to want to have her cake and eat it too. In her rant, she endorses censorship of the novel because a “weak” woman is sexually dominated by a “strong” man. Furthermore, she condems the Twilight series for similiar reasons. The author either hasn’t read any of the books (I’ve read all six) or have a severe memory lapse. In both cases the characters Anastasia Steele and Bella Swan stand up for themselves quite well against their male counterparts in my opinion. The author doesn’t like the notion of subservient female sex to a male yet she endorsed Christian/Biblical values which show, starting from Genisis the woman subservient to the man. I wonder what her explanaton is to Solomon having over 1000 wives and consorts? Is the book and movie pornography? That is a topic for debate. Should the book and others like it be censored? Not unless we want to become the book censors of Nazi Germany. Finially, does the author have the moral high ground to make such demands? Considering the fact that she labels herself a Christian feminist (An oxy-moron if there ever was one) I would say not.

  4. I think the most missed point on both sides of this argument is that sex isn’t something designed or intended to “get”. Imagine if we all saw it as something to “give”…between both men and women. Then, maybe a pure fascination in pleasuring one’s self, as this book indulges in, would not be the main stage event. We all know sex is wonderful, but if that resounds at all with you, take a looksie at Theology of the Body, just google it… it will blow your mind, and make you more fulfilled than this book or movie ever could.It is not a feminist debate, it honors both men and women, making each respective gender in a relationship feel as though they are given the gift of sex by the other rather than “getting it”.

    1. I am amused by your stance on this book and movie. First of all, I don’t condone and I don’t condemn it. Haven’t read the book and haven’t seen the movie. Secondly,IT IS a feminist debate! That’s what you’ve made it. You are crying about this movie and demanding people don’t go see it. Who are you to demand that people don’t think they way they want? My main purpose for commenting here is this. You are putting up a big stink about how horrible this movie is. When is the last time you took a stand against pornography as a whole? 50 Shades of Grey is soft porn. Where is your protests of hard porn? Which is 10 times worse then 50 Shades of Grey. How about the disgraceful way they show young women in hard porn? A lot this women/girls got drawn into because they owed a debt to someone close to porn. Such as drugs. A big part of hard porn. Porn has been around since man has been able to use a camera and you are just now being pissed off about a movie that’s not even classified as pornography. My God people! Porn is available on all cable! Pay per view! Where’s your outrage over this? I do believe you are fighting the wrong battle and losing battle.

      1. This article is a stand to all of pornography. Not only to this terrible movie. But like all of us, we have to win small battles (AKA what Sarah is saying about this movie). So you are an idiot for complaining to her because she wont “fight” the war when she is working on the battle first. (Havent you heard that we have to begin always have to begin small before big?) But besides this, I hope you know you are stating that you are a blind supporter of pornography. Why? Because you cant be on middle ground on this subject. You may think you can be but you either support it or not. Its black and white. Crawl back to your hole Ed.

  5. If you don’t wanna be referred to as a Christian woman or don’t want that as an to stick to ya maybe don’t use God in your argument ;).

    1. I am a Christian woman. I will not pretend I can hide God or that my opinions have nothing to do with Him. I will always do my best to base my opinions on God’s word because I want to live my life to serve Him. It often seems that the word ‘Christian’ is intended as an insult or a reason to discount an argument. Can my thoughts with a Christian worldview be considered valid? If not, my point (and the authors?) is made.

    2. While it is true that there are a lot of arguments to be made against this set of books/movie that could appeal to people’s sense of right and wrong whether they are Christian or not, it is also true that for many of us there is no way to express that sense of right and wrong without also referring to the Almighty God who gave us that sense in the first place. And I might add, we should never be ashamed to say that we are Christian or be intimidated into keeping our worldview to ourselves. Where others have the freedom to speak, so do we 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on Grace Moments and commented:
    I so totally agree with our author here and am thrilled to know that someone out there will take a strong stand against this kind of degrading “entertainment.” Yes, we can take a stand but what about our young adult kids who have their own rights to choose what they watch, and go along with peer pressure just because it’s too difficult to go against the onslaught! We fill the theatres with eager eyes as degrading images and thinking fill their hearts and minds, and then we wonder what’s wrong with our young adults, our country and our world in general. We blame the government and it’s leadership but the real truth of the trouble lies in our hearts of sin as we allow this stuff to do it’s damage in our lives and in the lives of the younger generation. This Valentine’s Day it time to refresh our own hearts with God’s promise to His people:

    “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
    2 Chronicles 7:14

  7. children, teens, and young adults, and others, are being overwhelmed by image driven stories, that appeal to the base sense and are passing on the habits learned to the next generation, bad news for the eternal farmer if you get my drift.

  8. I wouldn’t say it’s filth, but rather a reflection of filth.

    I know many more women than men who want to see it, and I know many women whose first instinct when it comes to romance is to play their gender role, emphasizing the need for a powerful man who can “lead” them.

    I would say Shades is a nexessary voice in that it allows people to explore the payche of such filthy practices as gender roles, just as Twilight explores the irrational hormone-centered psyche of a young teenage girl.

    But that’s why we also have movies like A Walk to Remember that teach us to be partners with the opposite sex, not conquerors thereof.

    That said, sexual deviance will always be present. It’s better that people are aware of it.

    1. I have read enough of these simple explanations! We have sick people out here doing sick things to our children and you people are talking like this stuff is helping set people free for sexual pleasures! Wake up and smell the coffee!!! This is a sick, sick movie for what I can read and learn from all of you. We as a nation will stand before an Almighty God wither you believe or not in one! Take a look around and take a look at yourself in the mirror while you are at it and keep telling yourself that there is nothing wrong with movies like this. When you know down deep it is making all of you just sick to your stomachs. This needs to stop now!! Before you see children on the big screen being raped next! Don’t you see it is just going from bad to worse. We need to stop this now! Do not I say do not go to this movie. Do not give them your money for such a diabolical plot! We are opening Pandora’s box!

      1. It has been done. Dakota Fanning’s 12 year old character was raped in the film “Hounddog”. Go be angry about that.

  9. Do you know what ignorance is???? Putting an argument without having your facts right. If you have not read the book, you cannot start having extreme opinions about it apply the same to every situation you find yourself in. My 2 cents

    1. I am thinking the same thing. I read the books to see what all the hubub was about and found out that the book is actually about a boy who was abused as a child, watched his mom die, then later was molested by a neighboring wife. The BDSM came out of the molestation. The books are about him rethinking his life and changing his wrong and right for love and both of them growing together.

      I do agree that it isn’t something that should be rated just R but should be rated X but we do live in a free country where people can watch what they want to. It is now up to parents whether or not their children (under 17) are allowed to see this, and hopefully at age 17 they will know whether or not this is a movie they would like to see. Personally I do not believe I will go see the movie because the grammar in the book was bad and I’m betting that will translate into the movie, but the underlying storyline is moving and I am better to have read the books.

    2. Reading the first chapter was enough to make me put down the book. The grammar is atrocious, the spelling is awful, the plot line is so predictable – in short it is a very badly written piece of work. HOW it got to be a best seller is only by hype… some of my friends have read it and been physically ill. Other authors I know have read parts of it and laughed because of the poor standard.

      If I was the publisher – I’d be seriously embarrassed to put forward something like this.

      So no – I’m not ignorant and yes, I am an author with successful books – so it’s not envy.

      The only ones winning out of this epsiode in time are the author, printers, publishers, marketeers, film writers ( because they HAD to clean up the work ), producers and distributors.

      There is not one single good thing that this book ( and sequels ) engenders to our societies.

      1. Oh my God…Thank you!! I have never agreed with a comment more in my life!

        I read the first book and wanted to gouge my eyes out with a red hot pitchfork !
        I agree with the predictable storyline,spelling and as a fan fic writer myself,I knew this was a fanfic when I read the first page !

        Christian Grey is a controlling jackass and Ana is just an idiotic drama queen.I actually wanted to reach through the book and hit them both over the head with a frying pan!!

        I wouldn’t go and see this festering turd of a movie if my life depended on it , I still don’t understand how the worst Twilight fanfic ever written became a book, let alone a movie!!

    3. I dont care about this discussion but your argument is silly and actually ignorant. You can always stand for something without feeling the need to partake, specially when it comes to distasteful things or behavior. My 2 cents.

      Ps. Do you need to smoke before you can have a strong opinion about it..?

    4. I have extreme opinions on rape, but have never raped anyone. I have extreme opinions on murder, but have never murdered anyone. I have extreme opinions on taking things (stealing) but have not stolen. A person certainly can have a strong opinion about something with out subjecting theirselves to it.

  10. I know that a lot of people hate this book, and a lot of people love it. There are a lot of things i do not like in the media, naked people in magazine, pretty much all music and music videos that portray women as objects. But, the reason I don’t agree with it is because children see and hear it.

    With books and films like 50 shades of grey they have ratings to (try) make sure that younger audiences don’t get hold of it. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is something that some people may enjoy. I hate videos with violence in because i think it encourages violence, Does this mean no one should be able to watch it?

    I understand and agree with what you say, but I also think everyone has the right to enjoy it and be open about it. Also Anna and Christian get married and are in the same relationship through the three books. They are a couple who trust each other.

    1. So then you agree that porn movies may now also be showed in cinemas and it is “your” choice whether “you” want to see it or not? This is desensitizing the public and before long, rape will not be illegal because of movies like 50 Shades of CRAP

  11. I don’t agree with you
    I can’t wait to see this movie!! And I will explain why
    I was raised catholic and in church they teach a certain lifestyle is how you should live, man marries woman, very “normal” so when I figured out that I am a bisexual submissive, my first thought was I’m screwed I have possibly the most non-catholic lifestyle possible (I think that the word I’m looking for) then I did some research about the bdsm lifestyle, it’s not all the Dom telling the sub what to do (that what most people see) this lifestyle is about trust the sub trusting the Dom absolutely and the Dom taking care to carry the sub’s needs above their own. Once understood the lifestyle I was no longer ashamed of who I am I became stronger and this movie is about us who want things that aren’t the norm in society, and have felt disgusted, ashamed, pick a word, about things we can’t control, people didn’t react like this when brokeback mountain came out, what the big deal, it just a different lifestyle…. For someone who is nonjudgemental you seem to be judging pretty hard
    The bisexual submissive mother of two with piercings tattoos and an amazing fiancee
    I couldn’t be happier!!!!
    Have a nice day

    1. Thank you. That is an awesome reply. Personally i am not in the same situation as you but your comment was amazing. I bet she hasnt even read the book. Thats pretty obvious. But when i read the book i wasnt reading it for the sex it was the characters and the storyline and everything behind the sex that made the book so good.

  12. I will never see this movie. I will be watching a lesser advertised movie also coming out Valentines day weekend called Old Fashioned. Look it up and support a decent movie that has values and treats love with respect, as God intended.

  13. While you’re definitely coming from a good place with this, I don’t think it’s right to throw judgements like ‘filthy’ and ‘disgusting’ at a lifestyle you probably don’t know much about. I’ve read ‘Fifty Shades’ – multiple times – and while poorly written and lacking cohesion as a narrative, I wouldn’t call it ‘filthy’ or ‘disgusting’. Beyond the explicit sex scenes (which I enjoyed reading…though I can understand why some people wouldn’t), ‘Fifty Shades’ is ultimately a story about two flawed, normal human beings who come together in a relationship and grow and change (for the better I think) because of it. More than anything, the sex and the relationship in ‘Fifty Shades’ is based less on dominance and submission and the BDSM lifestyle and more about learning and compromise.

    I see nothing wrong with being curious about sex in all of is aspects and it upsets me when people throw snap judgements on different aspects of sexuality that they’re not entirely comfortable with. That’s not to say that you have to be comfortable with it all, far from it. I can totally see why people would be uncomfortable with some of the sexual aspects of ‘Fifty Shades’. When it comes to whether it’s feminist or not though…well, that’s what really got me. If you ask me, I think ‘Fifty Shades’ is at least a valiant attempt at being feminist. The heroine, Anastasia (with a little encouragement) slowly grows to freely explore herself and her sexuality. What she likes and dislikes, what she’s willing and unwilling to do. When she is unwilling to do something, she has no problem saying so. What was inspired by the Twilight series (which I will agree wasn’t spectacular in any way), grew into a story with certain parallels to the series but gave us completely different characters and subtext.

    I won’t bash your opinion or tell you you’re wrong. But I humbly disagree with what you’re saying not just about Fifty Shades, but also about BDSM, porn and some aspects of sexuality as a whole. As a woman who has grown up curious about sex, and who has taken the time to learn about everything from birth control to the dynamics of BDSM relationships, I think it’s sad that you’re calling so much of what I found helpful ‘filthy’ and ‘disgusting’. It took me a while to get over the shame and embarrassment I had about sex and whatnot…it took a lot for me to realise that being interested in sex and porn and whatever else doesn’t make me a bad person. It doesn’t make me ‘filthy’ or ‘disgusting’. It makes me human. All I hope is that maybe you choose to either express your opinion differently next time or at least do some research into what you’re writing about before you post writings like this. Young people like myself are impressionable, we listen to adults when you throw judgements around and I would hate to think that someone curious about Fifty Shades and all that comes with it comes to feel the same shame that I have because of you throwing around words like ‘filthy’ and ‘disgusting’. No one wants to feel like that.

    Sorry for rambling on. It’s something that’s been on my mind for a while.

    Best wishes,

    Savanna, 18

    1. The problem with the book isn’t so much the bdsm, as it is the stalking and control issues. If Christian Grey had been a truck driver or a maintenance man in a mall, this would be an episode of Law & Order SVU. Christian Grey is abusive mentally with Anastasia, as well as emotionally, which is of far more importance than the physical, which she does nominally consent to. Many people who live the BDSM lifestyle have spoken critically about his methods, calling them abusive. Are you also going to say that they are ignorant and uneducated in the subject? I think you need to grow up and learn what it is to be an adult woman who is strong in herself as a person before you try to get involved in a lifestyle like this. It’s not for someone who doesn’t FULLY understand the concept of both consent and commitment. Going for something like this before you are emotionally strong enough will get you in big trouble…

    2. It is Filthy and Disgusting and if you enjoy this kind of material, you are too. I used to be as decieved as many of you as to sexuality but thanks to God I have learned that when obeying God’s comandments I no longer have to bear the guilt. It makes for a happier mate when you are married and become one being. Forsakeing all others in deed and thought. Marriage is the is the intimate act of joining together for procreation and pleasure anthing outside of that is perversion.

  14. However much the sexual act involves controlling by the man over the woman, how many readers and viewers will see the association of richman/poor girls sex. If this series of books was rewritten as young truck stop waitress falls into a relationship with a haulage/truck driver, or heavens forbid, young female teacher falls into a relationship with another slightly older teacher who has no control over her future or career, these books would not have sold one single copy or at least would have sold some, but been relegated to the pulper very quickly and never seen a movie camera. “Romatic erotica” is about power at three levels, the bondage/sex level, the money level and the love level. If you take out any of these components, then it becomes the rather distastful pornography once sold in the sex stores – still maybe for that matter, and for which the flat fee of $1,000 bought around 50,000 words. One of my sisters adores these books, she will be one of the first to see this movie, 50 years old, teacher, married with children, I have given up being sarcastic about her reading choices. Another friend is into the Master/slave, Mistress/slave culture, and I know it gave her a level of confidence she required after a childhood none of us would want, which naturally became the adult hood none of us would want. After a while, she quite that relationship, it had two of the criteria, kinky sex, and a level of love, but no money. I agree that 50 Shades should not have been made into a movie, and of course there are 2 more !!1 however, as an academic, I can see some meaty articles coming out of Universities with feminist studies, domestic violence studies, power studies and yes, theology. Bring it on.

  15. I feel as if you have not read the book or you are not willing to at least go and see the movie then you can’t really comment on something that you don’t have full knowledge of, because if you read the book then you would know what happens and how she stands up for herself.
    Additionally, if you can read or write a book on how you cook and it make you or whomever happy, why can’t you write or read a book on what kinds of sex you like or want to know more about.
    In the end we’re all going to have to take responsibility for the choices we make.
    And another thought should be on how many jobs or opportunities this book may have created and gave others a chance at something new. On how more mouths may have been fed, how many bills might be paid now, and maybe this book may have inspired someone to find what they like to do or are good at.

  16. Certainly a lot of ranting going on here from both sides of this issue. The writer of this article has a right to her opinion and the right to publish it. Just as those who disagree. Every day I read articles all over the Internet and I don’t have to blast anyone for disagreeing with me. However, I am glad that I have the right to stand up for my beliefs in the land of the free. Again, take a chill pill folks.

  17. Best book I ever read was ‘Pulling Back the Shades’ by Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slatery. I cheered through the whole book know others felt the same. Go to the movie ‘Old Fashioned’ instead on Valentine’s Day. From the clips, it looks like my kind of flick.

  18. I am grateful for this garbage movie if only for the fact that it is getting people to talk about stuff that has never been brought up–it is making some feel guilty and admit to things they have been doing in secret. In my marriage, it is showing me a side of my husband that I haven’t seen–a side that is appalled at the degradation of women and intimate relationships that a man and his woman should share, like the one we have. I am a blessed woman, and my prayer is that they next film a movie about a real love story that was created by God, much like my own. My husband rescued me from death through an eating disorder, and our mutual love and respect for one another is what true love stories are made of.
    I pray for men and women everywhere to find beautiful love and intimacy.

  19. You are missing the whole story line behind all three books. You can’t just judge the one and make comments before reading the rest of the books. Yes there is a lot of sex in this book but there also is a story line in this book that you are missing. Plus if you read the second one and the third it comes out why he did this to women. Because at fifteen a women older then him made him a submissive and he was taught this is what you do. Plus if you read on you find out all the pain and hardship he insured as a child. So don’t judge a book by its cover unless you are willing to read it and the rest of the books in the seris. So your rant about being women and worth something well you missed the mark because a women did this to him at fifteen.

  20. I have friends that are excited and I just feel like the odd “woman” out on this that I find this movie disgusting. What people do in the bedroom is their own private business. But in a movie like this and showing public display of glorifying this kind of activity is completely beyond me. What is wrong with everyone??? Does anyone respect themselves anymore. The problem is people don’t know how to respect themselves. And if they don’t know how, they don’t know there is a problem. I appreciate that you wrote this article. I have felt this way for awhile and haven’t opened my mouth until now. Thank you!

  21. What a relief it is to read this article. Everywhere I turn it seems that 50 Shades is on display and is being praised by all kinds of women. It seems that women see such a story as liberating and a way of showing independence, when it is the exact opposite. In the name of women and repectful marriages, I strongly disagree with the praise that is being given to 50 Shades. Of course it is true that what people do behind closed doors is their own business. However, in a world where porn is becoming more and more acceptable, it is time to stand up against it. All of this is so damaging to the mind and heart, as well as to the strong, confident, independent woman and the strong, beautiful respect that can be found in marriage.

    1. That’s the beauty of their transformation. If you take the time to read all three books, their transformation from single entities both with their faults, to a unique yet well matched married couple is quite beautiful. -each character learns from each other.

      But you can’t just read the first book, you have to read the full trilogy to grasp the full effect.

  22. If the people against the book and movie read or saw them, they would be labelled hypocrites! They are giving their opinion from a non-hypocritical standpoint. I respect their honour.

  23. I’m not a religious person but I very much respect your beliefs and the fact that you chose to write about this horrendous series. I read all three books and was shocked. “Love” as these books claim to be about is completely inaccurate. The series is nothing but abuse that women see as “the ideal relationship” and men see as “the way women should be treated.” Yes sex is wonderful but these books don’t promote sex. They promote force (rape) and complete disregard for Ana as a human being. Thank you for writing about this! I agree that people need to see the series for what it really is and not the romantic ideal.

  24. “In 1939, Gone with the Wind used the first swear word in a film” Really!?!? I’m guessing you are unfamiliar with the Hays Code? These things go in cycles. I’m sure this movie is trash but who cares. Personally I think you have to be pretty insecure with your own life to let a movie like this affect you.

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