Picture this: It’s Election Day and you’re off of work (if you’re a teacher).  You’re on your way home from an errand, when you realize that the library would be a great place to cheer you up.  Now, don’t confuse the placement: you’re not sad that you’re off work; you’re happy about that.  You just needed a happy book, not the sad one you were currently reading. Sometimes life calls for a pick me up book, rather than a tragedy.

Of course at the library, you run into your school’s librarian, with whom you’re already well acquainted because you’re in their at least three times a day for various reasons (collaboration, making copies, helping students choose books, working at the computers with classes fighting through a research paper, etc.).  But I digress.

Back to the story:  You went there to pick out a new book.  When suddenly…

photo (8)

You can’t quit imagining now.  We’re back to my voice. Well, without a particular title in mind, as per usual, I couldn’t pick just one book to check out because there were so many that said “pick me, pick me!”  I was perusing the staff picks… Well these are the titles that said “cheerful” that day and the thoughts that accompanied them.

  • Fried Green Tomatoes “That’s sounds southern and it’s from The Depression Era! Perfect.  Right in line with TKAM.”
  • Freakonomics “A friend mentioned that book and it sounded fascinating.  Maybe I need non-fiction!”
  • The Help “I should definitely grab this one because I have three students reading it instead of TKAM. Plus I love Skeeter, Celia, and Minnie.”
  • Clark Gable “Hello film and Gone with the Wind.  Are you my next movie read? Biographies are the best anyways.”
  • Folly Beach “I really should finish you.  I made it half way.” (I may not finish this one.)


I should also mention that I have a book on my Kindle that I just started reading last week and am reading Harry Potter y La Piedra Filosofal  (The Sorcerer’s Stone) in Spanish to keep my Spanish up.

Here’s what’s going to happen. I will read Fried Green Tomatoes because I am already reading it.  I will read parts of Clark Gable to see if I like it.  I won’t read Freakonomics yet because of time, but I’ll hold onto it for a month just to check it back out again to read later like I did with Folly Beach, which I won’t finish; I’ll finish Freakonomics though.  I’ll read HP every once and a while, and over Christmas, I’ll read the one on my kindle. Oh! And pause for the interruption! I just remembered that I snagged another title Rose Under Fire when I took my students to the school library.  I couldn’t resist a WWII historical fiction novel with a female protagonist, who’s not a nurse, even though I knew about the stack at home.  (I also wrote down the new Scott Westerfield title so that I don’t forget to read it as well.) I’ll read Rose Under Fire right after Fried Green Tomatoes. And I’ll finish TKAM with my students within the next two weeks.


Clark Gable for those who haven't had the pleasure of watching Gone with the Wind.
Clark Gable for those who haven’t had the pleasure of watching Gone with the Wind.

The irony is that I want to devour all of these, but it’s so hard to find enough time to absorb them all without losing balance in life.  I still need to work, run the house, exercise, socialize, and participate in church.  Swallowing all these reads is never-ending, so when people recommend a book to me, I say add it to my list.  It may be a while. 🙂

Even though I knew that I didn’t have time to read all of these simultaneously, I could not walk out of the library without the stack coming with.

#thiswasgoingtobemyfirstinstagram #untilirealizedididn'tknowhow #i'mbehind #jimmyfallonjustintimberlakehashtag
#thiswasgoingtobemyfirstinstagram #untilirealizedididn’tknowhow #i’mbehind #jimmyfallonjustintimberlakehashtag (PG-13 clip)
photo 1 (13)
photo 2 (13)
#house not dog proof #i’mnotreadyforinstagram #don’tneedanothersocialmediaaddiction

Parker was so excited to get this book in the mail! It only lasted an hour.  He threw the package on a chair by the door, and when we returned from dinner, the dog had eaten through the package.  Must have been a good read!


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