What the Cold Air Brings

Fall is a wonderful time.  Full of my favorite parts of nature.

My brother said it best when he said to Parker, “mmm…smell that.”

Parker said, “what?”

“The cold air.”

Joe’s right.  There’s a secret in the cold air, one that opens the door for the scarecrows and corn husks and burlap and fall leaves.  Let me show you what the last two weeks have brought us:

From the tops of Chimney Rock in Gatlinburg.
From the tops of Chimney Rock in Gatlinburg.
photo 1 (8)
A closer look.

The last bit did require good foot and hand holds. :)

photo 2 (8)
If it looks like I was awkwardly kneeling, it’s because I was. The other edge is a drop off cliff.

photo (2)

That was last week’s hike before Anna’s wedding.  The Fischer side of the family hiked Chimney Rocks.  I learned that this hike was the training hike before my mom would take us up to Leconte, the overnight hike our family loves.  When we were little, we had to prove that we could hike the Chimney’s before we were allowed to attempt Leconte.  And “attempt” is an inaccurate word.  There was no attempting.  There was doing because there’s no way Mom would have turned around.

This weekend though, we walked a little ways into The Old Settlers Trail because we wanted to at least show Parker’s friend Colby what the trees looked like in the Smokies since we didn’t have time for a full hike.


And of course, you can’t forget the other southern nature: a baby’s smile at his first UT game with Grandma Patty, Uncle Joe, and the gang. (Sorry Anna and Neil; we wish you could have been there, but you were on your Honeymoon. Kinda important right after getting married.)

photo 1 (10)photo (3)

photo (4)photo 1 (11)photo 2 (10)photo 4 (6)

All in all.  That’s what the cold air brings. Keep bringing it!


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