Anna+Neil=The Havenner Wedding

photo 1 (3)
The Bride and Groom

It was hard driving away last night.  The party was still going on, and I would come to find out that we missed the couples’ dance and the bouquet toss, which my cousin Leah caught.  Other sisters had already had to leave, but as per usual, it’s hard to pull myself away from important events and really any event for fear of regretting missing even just a little bit.  But logistics forced the car out of park and we made our way home from a wonderful wedding weekend.

My sister and her new husband were married at a vineyard in East Tennessee, splashed with the fall colors, the hay bales, and the setting sun.  The soft breeze was beautiful, and I loved seeing my mom trying frantically to find my camera on my phone; it doesn’t matter that there is a professional photographer there; my mom will not trust someone else to get the picture she wants (she couldn’t find her phone, which is why she had mine.)

The beauty of weddings is the gathering of family and friends.  While that may be stating the obvious, there aren’t enough moments in our hectic lives to pause and just focus on each other.  Even with many people to greet, the opportunity to mingle and touch base with so many people who are a part of your life only comes at significant events like your own wedding, a sibling’s wedding, or sadly a funeral.  This is where everyone’s schedules can converge and an exception is made to make time for a reunion like celebration.

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I loved seeing Neil look at Anna when she stood in front of him.  You could see the commitment there, and I look forward to getting to know him more than I know him now.  She seemed very happy as well and the small touches of their wedding screamed Anna; in a good way.  From the fall colors to the lace, from the country lovers to the entourage of hair people (she’s a colorist), from the floral robe to the photo booth (the most legit one I’ve seen), I could see her in the details.

I believe my friend Tara took this picture. Gotta give credit where credit’s due.

I also am very proud of my mother and all her cakes.  Red Velvet. Carrot. Lemon, chocolate, and almond pound cakes. Apple Cake.  All of our favorite family traditions, straight from Patty Cakes Bakery. (Thank you to Erica and Sadie for helping make the frosting).  It was a pick your poison kind of situation.  As my dad said, “she’s in her element,” as she set up all the food.  I think there were only two items on the appetizer, dinner, and dessert tables combined that she did not make.


Arriving home late and “up and at ‘em” for my students this morning, needless to say a nap was in order before I could fully function tonight.  But weekends that require a Monday evening nap are the best kinds. That means they were full.  They were meaningful.  And they are worth having. If fall’s gonna be like this weekend, can we have some more please?

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photo 2 (4)

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