Birthday Week! Asheville, & “A Bulldog Bit My Butt”

Marrying Parker was a great decision for many reasons.  One of which is my introduction to the Birthday Week.  Last May, his first birthday of our marriage, I had asked him to do something, and he responded, “but it’s my birthday week” in a very cute voice. Best invention ever!  And I used it on him this week. 🙂


How smart are you? What's wrong with this picture?
How smart are you? What’s wrong with this picture?

28. (I apolIMG_3915ogize in advance to all those older than me.) I’m officially in my late 20s; some might argue that I was already there at 27, but 28 seals the deal. It’s not that I fear aging drastically; it’s just that it feels like a fake age. When I say 28, it seems like an abstract number I don’t understand.  I’m sure once I’m 30 and 40 and however old whoever I’m offending with this is, I will still feel 24 instead of reality, but I’m just sayin’ this feels weird.  That’s all.IMG_3972

Yesterday we went to Asheville, North Carolina.  I had never been to downtown Asheville, and I liked it.  It’s a little too yuppy for our liking for a long term stay, but we loved spending the afternoon there. I of course loved the craftbooths and street musicians, Joe liked running around meeting dogs, and my dad and Parker waited patiently until my mom and I were done looking around (they had some really cool jewelry!).IMG_3943



At lunch, my mom had figs on her plate, which prompted Dad to say out of nowhere, “a bulldog bit my butt once while I was climbing out of a fig tree.” We obviously made him tell the story.  Turns out that his seven year old self and his buddy Junior were stealing figs from a neighbor’s tree when the dog clamped down and started twisting.  “My butt was bleeding and I didn’t want to go home ‘cause I was gonna get whipped.”  We asked if he did, and he said Nana grabbed the switch for stealing figs.  He didn’t mention if she reacted to the butt bite.

You can also play “Where’s Waldo” with the pictures.  I know you’ll never believe it, but Joe tried to photo bomb other pictures and he wasn’t obvious at all about it either.




I also was going to get a picture at dinner on Friday with our friends, but somehow I didn’t get the whole table. But Chili’s was great! And so was the second cake of Parker’s baking career. You can’t go wrong with chocolate!

S & P

P.S. Look forward next week to a picture of the high school car hangout in front of BILO every weekend.  I didn’t get a picture this week unfortunately. Southern BILO charm?


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